The Wall of China

October 26, 2018.

Today InterTrip took us to The Great Wall of China one of the seven greatest man-made wonders of the world and is the focal point of China.  I hike along the Great Wall Juyongguan Pass (#16 of 1,617 things to do in Beijing), Juyongguan (Badaling Route) is one of the three most famous passes along the Great Walls. This route is considerably more difficult than the other side of the pass, with much more near-vertical climbing being involved. Some area are quite steep, and the the steps are not even.

I spend some free time on my own on the wall, the group separated most of them went to the other side of the pass the easiest one.  Was a beautiful day, took some pictures with my Fujifilm camera and my iphone.


After the Great Wall we stoped at a Jade Museum to learn the history of Jade. In Chinese, Jade is pronounced as ‘Yu’, and it has a history in China for at least four thousand years. Later, visit Traditional Chinese Medicine Center and the end of the day we returned to the city.