Humble Administrator’s Garden -Suzhou, China

The Chinese garden is a landscape garden style which has evolved over three thousand years.

They create an idealized miniature landscape, which is meant to express the harmony that should    exist between man and nature.

Stone, plant, water, rocks, architecture

Simbólico garden –  Small stones = mountain –  Small bonsai= represents florets –

Small pounds = river

Lion Grove Garden

 The Lion Grove Garden was built in 1342 during the Yuan Dysnatt by a Zen

Buddhist monk, Wen Tianru, in memory of his teacher Abbot Zhongfeng.

         Suzhou style bonsai

          As one of China’s major schools of miniature trees, Suzhou-style bonsai is famous

          for its long    history, unique design and distinctive style.

Thanks to favorable natural conditions, skilled artisans have long since created bonsai masterpieces to record natural scenery in tiny pots. In addition, the rich culture of the city adds special flavor and a unique style to the Suzhou-style bonsai.

Suzhou bonsai is noted for its plainness and elegance. Old twigs aged 40, 60 or even 100 years are planted in a small plate and presented in different shapes – drooping, prostrate, looking up or bending down.